To elevate the level of expertise
and offer a continually expanding
range of services

Alert to the way its markets evolve and the needs
of its clients, the Sonovision Group seeks constantly
to enhance its range of services and develop closer relationships with those clients.

It is against this background that the Group focuses particularly
on partnerships that deliver high levels of technical added value.

Sonovision Group is a member
of the Brittany-based Bretagne Pôle Naval association of marine industry companies.

Sonovision Group is a member of Gifas, the French aerospace industries association. Gifas
is an industry body with 273 members, ranging from major prime contractors and systems suppliers to small specialist companies, and covering the full spectrum of skills from the design, development and production of aerospace systems and equipment to maintenance and operation.

Sonovision Group is also an active member of Gead, the Gifas Equipment Committee, which promotes and defends the interests of equipment manufacturers.


Partnership with Inmedius Software, the company that supplies the S1000D publishing suite adopted by users all over the world.

Partnership with Seville-based Isotrol for the production of document projects for the Spanish aerospace industry.


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